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The Impact of Giving: Why is Donation a Significant Factor for Education in Syria?

Nour Al-Kurdy is an English as a second language teacher, English/Arabic translator, and content writer from Syria.

Have you heard the saying that is better to give than receive? It is true in so many ways. Giving not only helps those in need, but is also good for those doing the giving. It helps you feel connected to your community. So what if it is for education? Helping children who really are in need to be educated is a sacred duty. One of the greatest gifts that any human being could possibly receive is the gift of knowledge and enlightenment, and that is precisely what education does.

Not everyone is as lucky as most people, some countries suffer from a fragile education system which requires many supplies and resources to enrich the teaching process. How can anyone help? The answer here is by donation.

Furthermore, by directing a small proportion of your earnings towards the cause of education, you can change the entire course of someone’s life. Handing a small amount of money can build strong community in the future, since supporting others not only is part of being a positive member, but also healthy for you. Acts of kindness can help us appreciate how lucky we are.

Additionally, there has been a marked increase in school dropout statistics across Syria, as well as the number of children who should be in school, but do not have access to education. Donation and charity both can lend a hand to invest in our students.

First, funding others is a good way for children to help them build their future. Moreover, to provide educational aids especially for the disadvantaged areas’ schools which lack plenty of them certainly would be a great benefit for many educators.

Second, donate your time. Giving money is not the only way to get involved. You can also help for worthwhile causes by donating your time and talent. If you enjoy working with children, consider volunteering at a library or any educational foundation in your local community. You can teach students by doing many useful activities or even consider getting in touch with an adult literacy program to offer your assistance.

What are the benefits of donating to child education?

There are many reasons that explain why donation is important. We know that when a child has access to an education he/she is more likely to lead a more successful and fulfilling life. Igniting curiosity and encouraging brain development are absolutely crucial for children at a young age, and can set them up for life. Even a small thing can make a difference.

“Giving is not just about making a donation. It is about making a difference.”

These were the words of Kathy Calvin. Apart from this, supporting students to learn and grow means theywill go on to start businesses, organise communities, and become agents of change in the future. It should be noted that socio-economic background is one of the key factors when it comes to better educational outcomes. If public schools which educate 80 per cent of disadvantaged kids are underfunded, it means these students, who often face the most challenges, are not even getting a fully resourced education during school hours.

We know that education is one of the most powerful ways to lift people out of disadvantage and make everyone better off, so why are not we digging into our pockets and sowing the seeds?

To summarise, it is therefore beneficial to donate for the sake of education, to help by investing in children and students from each age class and empowering them to build a strong educated community. Giving is a blessing, so do not hesitate contributing in order to help someone achieve his/her goal in life.

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