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The Paulo Friere and
Al-Sham Scholarships


Message from the Founder

The Certificate in Language Pedagogy was developed to offer a  flexible, affordable qualification which nonetheless provides a quality of training to comparable to industry-standard, in-person courses. However, we understand that unavoidable economic circumstances may nonetheless make studying with us a difficult choice.

With this in mind, we created the Paulo Friere and Al-Sham Scholarship to offer candidates in Brazil and the Levant region the chance to enrol on the CLP absolutely free of charge. Successful applicants will meet three criteria:



be a female English teacher or aspiring English teacher


be resident in either Brazil or one of the following countries: Syria, Lebanon, The Palestinian Territories or Egypt


be able to demonstrate a minimum English language proficiency level of B2 or above

If you are able to fulfil these requirements (full terms and conditions can be found here), you will need to send a 500-650 word letter of application detailing the following, either to the regional coordinator at (Brazil) or (Levant), or alternatively via our apply page:

  • your motivation for applying

  • your future career aspirations

  • the impact you hope to make as a qualified language teacher


Shortlisted applicants will be invited to partake in a short interview, after which a final decision will be made regarding your application.

If you are passionate about English and share our belief that knowledge should be available to all, then we sincerely hope that you will consider applying for a place on one of our scholarships and joining our community of educators around the world.

My very best wishes,

Ross Mulkern

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