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Our Mission

Origins of the Project

The Mulkern Foundation was founded in response to the decision of the Afghan Taliban to outlaw education for girls. Our mission, therefore, is to help women in the developing world overcome barriers such as oppression, displacement and financial instability to become qualified teachers. The Certificate in Language Pedagogy was developed to provide a reputable standard of training to aspiring educators from all backgrounds, without the costs associated with similar qualifications. In addition to being provided at-cost due to our strict non-profit ethos, the course is also delivered in a flexible format that takes account of the challenges faced by many of its students, such as poor internet access, unpredictable schedules and family commitments.

Raising Hand for a Question

Fundraising Goals

None of our team draws a salary. 100% of the money you donate goes directly towards:

  • helping disadvantaged women become qualified language teachers

  • building women's education centres which also offer a safe space to access online services such as counselling and legal aid

  • Special Campaigns aimed at improving access to education, such as our "Stationery for Syria" campaign providing pencil cases to children in Aleppo



If you would like to donate your time, please email

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If you would like to contact us directly, please phone (+350) 540 93 632

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