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Al-Sham Scholarship - Key Info for Applicants

As we launch the first cycle of our Al-Sham scholarship programme, there are a few key dates and FAQs to keep in mind. As such, we recommend that any potential applicants read the following information thoroughly:

Applications can be made via the "Apply" section of our website and will be accepted until 10th April. The most important component is the 500-650 word letter of application, in which you must outline your professional background and motivations for studying with us. Letters which do not meet this word count may be considered on the basis of particularly strong content; however, those written using Chat GPT will not be considered under any circumstance.

Unsuccessful applicants will be notified by the 16th April, with the remaining shortlisted candidates being invited to schedule an online interview between 16th and 27th April.

Following the interview process, successful applicants will be notified by 1st May. Once an applicant has confirmed her intention to enrol on the CLP course, she will be provided access to all course materials via the "Studenthome" section of our website, as well as receiving contact details for her personal tutor.

The online, theoretical component must be completed by 1st August.

The second, practical, part of the CLP course comprises a series of six video-recorded demo lessons, conducted over three cycles and interspersed with tutorials and self-reflection tasks. Your regional coordinator will work with you to arrange these demo lessons, which can be conducted either in-person or online. This stage of the course will take place between 1st August and 1st November.

Candidates who achieve a passing grade in at least one skills-focused and one systems-focused lesson, as well as adequately completing all assigned written work, will be awarded the Certificate in Language Pedagogy in both physical and digital formats.

Graduates will be invited to attend a virtual graduation ceremony, as well as receiving access to the MF Network of English Language Professionals. Depending on your location, it may also be possible to attend an in-person graduation event, with the opportunity to meet your fellow graduates as well as MF Network members in your area.

The MF Team wishes all aspiring CLP course participants the best of luck with the application process.

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