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MF to Offer Free Mental Health Resources

Thanks to the generosity of Cairo-based psychiatrist, Dr Walaa Hosny, the Foundation is pleased to announce that we will be offering 100 free subscriptions to the Choose Happiness anti-anxiety course aimed specifically at Arabic-speaking women and girls.

Subscriptions will be made available on a first-come, first-serve basis beginning on International Women's Day (8th March) to coincide with the launch of the CLP teacher training course. Please note, however, that Dr Hosny's course is not related to language teaching and therefore available to all Arabic-speaking women, regardless of English language proficiency or professional background.

We commend Dr Hosny for tackling an issue that many women grapple with on a daily basis, especially in areas which have experienced war and disaster, and yet who lack the support and resources required to understand and mitigate the symptoms of anxiety and anxiety-related disorders such as OCD and PTSD.

To quote one of our own members, Reem from Aleppo:

Honestly, it's pretty awesome. Personally, I found it super valuable.

Let me tell you quick backstory: when I was 17, the whole Syria war thing kicked off, and it really messed with my head. Family support helped, but it was tough. And last year, when that earthquake hit, it brought back all those scary feelings. Even now, any sudden shake or sound freaks me out.

I think most people who went through similar stuff probably feel the same way. This course is like gold, and I really think everyone should join in.

The course is organized really well. The core topics are spot on, and there are about 52 activities to reinforce them. I'm excited to be the first to take the course with Dr. Walaa. She seems like a total pro.

It doesn't take long, just half an hour per session and we must follow the instructions with Dr. Walaa. Easy peasy! 

Going forward, we hope to further the aims of pioneering figures such as Dr Hosny in compiling and creating a bank of Arabic-language resources to tackle stigmas surrounding mental health for women (and men!) in the MENA region.

A preview of the Choose Happiness course can be found below.

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